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2022: The Year of CNC Automation

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Nov 22, 2022

With the new year rapidly approaching, many small to mid-sized manufacturers are looking for ways to improve productivity and take advantage of the latest technology to remain competitive in a global industry. A recent article in Robotics Business Review explains six reasons why robotic automation is the key to success in the upcoming year.

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Key Take Away: CNC robotic automation gives you control over production and costs in ways you cannot get with other methods.

Manufacturing industry professionals constantly find themselves trying to minimize costs and maximize profits without sacrificing quality of production. To do this, many companies have integrated robotics on their CNC shop floor. Peter Jacobs of Robotics Business Review explains six reasons why:

  1. Greater Efficiency and Productivity – Jacobs states that robots can perform cutting, grinding, or milling at higher uptime levels and produce 47% more parts per hour compared to traditional approaches – a surefire way of increasing machine throughput.
  2. Improved Labor Safety and Security – Robots include safety features that protect the well-being your machine shop workers without impeding production. For example, RoboJob-USA’s clear safety guard and three safety zones allow for safe, efficient production as both humans and robots are aware of a machine’s surroundings.
  3. Reduced Expenditures: With seamless deployment processes, your CNC machine shop can reduce integration costs. This rings especially true when choosing an integrator with experience on a wide variety of CNC brands.
  4. Robust Multitasking Abilities: The article notes that unlike human labor, robots can efficiently service multiple machine parts just by clicking a few buttons. With various programs created through user-friendly software, the possibilities of production are endless.
  5. Greater Adaptability and Insourcing Rate: Flexibility is key in improving processes and productivity in a CNC machine shop. With an increased throughout capacity, CNC shops can reduce the need for outsourcing and in turn, increase profitability.
  6. Better Contract Pricing: With consistency in production, manufacturing companies can accurately estimate how long production will take and approximately how much It will cost. This is especially helpful in contract pricing.
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