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5 Minute Programming of a Machine Tending Robot

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Aug 16, 2022

Simplicity in robot programming is now a necessity in CNC machine shops to increase efficiency and help revive the U.S. manufacturing industry. With RoboJob-USA, this won’t be an issue.

Small and medium sized companies are the backbone of the U.S. manufacturing industry. As such, the inability to keep up with production demands, uncertainty in metrics, and a lack of skilled operators in smaller companies are a very serious threat. Although automation technologies in CNC machining are a proven solution, many manufacturers are hesitant, or even downright refuse, to install robots in their shop. Manufacturers fear that the time-consuming, technical programming associated with robots is hard to understand and even harder to implement.

This fear which deters manufacturers from automation has far-reaching consequences. Automation technologies benefit more than just a CNC machine shop- it benefits the U.S. economy on a broader level. A recent CNA article states that automation is key to boosting productivity which keeps U.S. operations competitive. Since 2005, U.S. labor productivity has grown at an average annual rate of only 1.3% - the lowest average recorded to date. At this rate, the manufacturing industry is destined to see a dramatic increase in prices, lower wage growth, and less global competitiveness.

RoboJob recognized this. With over 10 years of machine tending experience, RoboJob is unique in that it utilizes the technology sold. We have encountered software and programs that are way too technical and time-consuming to ever boost efficiency and productivity on a shop floor. With RoboJob, CNC machinists won’t have to deal with that kind of complex programming software. Our programming is specific to CNC mills and lathes, and we are proud to have the shortest proven set-up and change-over time in the market: 5 minutes for a new component and 2 minutes for a repeat job. After installation, which only takes 3-4 days, machine operators can immediately start using the automation autonomously.

With the current struggle to modernize small and mid-size manufacturing companies, it’s clear that any-old CNC automation is not the solution. Rather, the solution is CNC automation with simple and quick programming capabilities. Outdated and complicated technology in machine shops prevent companies from reaching their full potential in production, cost minimization, and efficiency. Luckily, RoboJob has the simple and user-friendly programming needed to help increase producitivty and growth in small companies - creating a larger, positive impact in manufacturing.

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