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CNC Machine Tending Robots Replacing Your Marketing Team?



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Nov 7, 2023

That CNC machine tending robot won’t replace your marketing department, but it will give them a lot more to talk about.

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Key Take Away: That CNC machine tending robot won’t replace your marketing department, but it will give them a lot more to talk about.

ChatGPT and AI seem to be all that people can talk about. People write about it too. Of course, ChatGPT writes about it too.

People write about the jobs that generative AI could take over. Those jobs include everything from customer service to marketing, sales, finance, and even executive suite jobs. Some even say that the most effective utilization of generative AI would be to replace the CEO.

I bet the CEOs put a stop to that pretty quickly!

The question we ponder here is “Will Your CNC Machine-tending Robot Replace Your Marketing Team?”

It can be easy to think about all of the jobs that generative AI can replace. Just like thinking about how a purpose-built, CNC machine-tending robot can replace your machine operator so that person can be redeployed into another role in your organization.

After all, people are hard to find and keep. Good people? Even harder to find and keep. So take your good ones, redeploy them to a new role, give them a chance to up-skill. You’ll be amazed at the impact that has on the entire organization.

A purpose-built, CNC machine-tending robot won’t replace your marketing team. But it will certainly do some important things for them. Even though that robot may be bolted to the floor out in the shop, away from the marketing team, it still has an impact on marketing.

First and foremost, having that robot in place and producing parts puts an end to many unplanned production pauses. That gives your marketing team a lot to talk about. They can certainly use that robot as a point of difference between your operation and others without robots.

The robot improves your ability to quote faster and more accurately because you have a strong handle on your labor costs.

You can quickly and effectively respond to last minute customer requests without impacting already promised delivery dates. That makes you a hero to your customers.

The robot helps your accountant too because you can increase your customer base and pump up your top line revenue without adding force multiplying staff. That is sure to put a smile on their face at the end of the month when they’ve closed the books and you look at your bottom line.

While that purpose built, CNC machine tending robot won’t say a word, your marketing messages can speak loudly to all of the advantages your shop provides to your customers. Isn’t it nice having the competitive playing field tilted to your advantage for a change?

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