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Discover the Benefits of CNC Automation

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Dec 21, 2021

Making the decision to automate your CNC machine shop can be intimidating. Many machine shop owners and managers hesitate to automate because they are unsure of whether benefits of automation will outweigh the cost of the investment. Below, we detail out the benefits CNC machine shops can expect after implementing automation.

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Key Take Away: Seven Powerful Benefits of CNC Automation

Revenue Increase – Automation lets your machines achieve more productivity by letting your CNC machines continue to work without the help of an operator. Your machines can work beyond the standard 8-hour work day and into the night for maximum production capabilities, resulting in increased revenue for your machine shop.

Decreased Labor Costs – Despite almost a record number of job openings in the manufacturing industry, many CNC operator positions remain unfilled. When implementing automation, CNC operators are less drained by monotonous tasks and can focus their energy on more creative tasks related to production while managing multiple machines.

Higher Gross Margins – By having your robots work more hours for you, your machine shop is able to produce more parts and take on more projects, allowing you to invoice more with less costs. Your automation can be paid back within 6 months, making you more profitable in the short term.

Adaptability to Market Changes – Receiving a last-minute order is nothing new to the world of machining. Rather than having your machine operators work late, allow your robots to work overtime to keep up with unpredictable demands.

Physical Relief - Robots allow CNC operators to do less physical, repetitive work, making their jobs a lot more enjoyable. Instead, machine operators can focus on value-adding aspects of production, such as programming and preparing multiple machines.

Higher Production Output – With automation, you will better utilize the capacity of your machine shop. Your machines will achieve more spindle hours due to increased production time with minimal operator intervention.

Multi-control of CNC machines – With easy-to-program robot software, the life of your machine operator becomes a lot easier. In less than 5 minutes, your operator can set up a program on one machine and then let the robot take care of the rest. Afterward, the operator is free to run other programs on other machines – significantly boosting efficiency and reducing labor costs.

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