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Paving the Way for Future Machinists using Automation

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Aug 2, 2021

Top competitors in the industry believe they owe it to future machinists to improve attractiveness and productivity in manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry has long experienced the inability to attract and retain qualified talent because of the growing skills gap, retirement of baby boomers, and low rate of young, skilled workers joining the workforce. From 2010 to 2019, labor productivity growth in U.S. manufacturing fell, resulting in higher prices, lower wages, and less global competitiveness. Unfortunately for businesses, these long-standing issues in finding reliable workers have only increased tenfold after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The war for skilled operators in machining has been a tough and long-standing issue for manufacturers. Those who walk into a typical machine shop know that the average staff age is often over 50. Very few younger people choose to study technical courses, often viewing machine shops as dull and dimly lit environments where tough physical labor is inevitable.

The reality, however, is far from that perception. Today, manufacturing companies have modernized with advanced machinery and highly developed systems. At the forefront of cutting-edge technology is robotic automation, and top competitors in the manufacturing industry have definitely used it to their advantage.

Research shows that robotic automation is the best solution to problems caused by the skills gap. Instead of dealing with a desperate need to find workers for simple tasks, robots take on the dull, repetitive work that humans don’t want to do. Robotic automation comes with numerous other benefits as well, including increased machine uptime (and “off-the-clock” production), consistency in quality and production, improved working conditions, and workforce attraction and retention.

While robots handle mundane tasks, humans can work on more lively projects and provide more meaningful contributions. By doing so, employee morale is boosted, and productivity is increased across all manufacturing departments. Top competitors in the industry believe they owe it to future machinists to improve attractiveness and productivity in manufacturing. The best way to accomplish these goals is through investment in robotic automation.

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