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Aug 10, 2021

Our team at RoboJob-USA is happy to help companies, big and small, with their CNC automation needs.

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Key Take Away: Don't let the lack of reliable operators hold your machine shop back.

As a CNC automation business, RoboJob-USA has come across various machine shops ranging from family companies to Fortune 500s. Recently, our team had the pleasure of working with a family-owned contract machine shop, and the experience was truly eye-opening. Working with the smaller business reminded us of how critical it is to keep a keen ear and maintain flexibility in meeting a customer’s needs.

After what could have only been a five-minute introductory call, our team understood that the owner of the business was extremely distressed. He had exhausted multiple options to fix his problem but to no avail. Unfortunately, this owner faced an issue that most manufacturers know all too well: a lack of unreliable operators.

The stigma behind manufacturing jobs is long-standing. Fewer people want to do the mundane tasks that come with parts and product assembly, even if they are offered a higher-than-average starting salary. Normally, when a business reaches out to the company inquiring about automation, our team ask qualifying questions to ensure that robotic automation would be a good fit. In this instance, however, the owner’s frustrations with the inability to manage his equipment were made crystal clear.

After meeting with the owner face-to-face, we understood that the automation of two mills on the shop floor in a work six-machine cell would reduce his inconsistent output and – most importantly – alleviate his ongoing stress. He would no longer have to worry about a lack of workers willing to tackle mundane tasks.

Within 48 hours, a proposal was set in motion, and within only four weeks, we could fully install automation. Now, the owner does not have to worry about an unpredictable daily output or the inability to meet customers' demands. Further, this family company can compete with competitors through the installation of cutting-edge automation and a solution to the long-standing issue of finding workers in manufacturing.

After connecting with the family-owned business, our team was reminded that customers often have immediate concerns with non-obvious solutions. Although finding the best fit for a company is not always easy, adapting and reviewing business concerns through active listening and flexibility allow us to provide the best possible solutions.

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