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RoboJob-USA fills Largest Order to Date with HFO Chicago

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Jul 2, 2021

After a successful presentation and live demo event held in June, RoboJob-USA filled their biggest order of robotic automation ever.

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Key Take Away: Fast response to customer needs is essential.

A manufacturing company located in Northeast Indiana was greatly disadvantaged by the labor shortage left in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In search of a solution, the company visited RoboJob-USA’s open house event in Burr Ridge, IL. The event featured a presentation and interactive tour geared toward CNC machine shop owners. The presentation addressed relevant challenges faced by manufacturing companies, such as JIT production, the inability to find skilled operators, and unstable production demands. Along with acknowledging the issues CNC machine shops face today, RoboJob-USA was able to provide a solution.

Robotic automation is used by leading manufacturing companies today to deal with the unpredictable nature of manufacturing. After learning about the benefits of automation, the midwestern manufacturing company placed a verbal order with Chad Longstreth of HFO Chicago for four Turn-Assist machines within 24 hours of the open house event, despite never having seen the product before. As expected, the Turn-Assist machines were a perfect match for the company’s Haas CNC equipment. Now, the company does not have to worry about an inability to meet production demands. CNC automation allows for increased efficiency by delegating the dull, repetitive tasks to machines and decreasing machine idle time. Looking ahead, the company expects to further increase profitability because of the high return on investment associated with robots, and an estimated 40% increase in productivity. Considering its advantages, It’s clear that the installation of robotic automation was a huge win – for everyone involved.

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