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Dec 14, 2023

Working with the right robot company from the start is so important. More than expertise, it is about knowing your business as well as you do.

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As a machine shop leader, you've purchased tons of CNC machines. You have a solid process when evaluating a new machine tool. You have your list of needs and know which questions to ask.

You could probably buy a new CNC in your sleep.

Buying a robot for that CNC is the same, and yet very different. Yes, like a CNC machine, you are buying a productivity tool. But there are technical aspects that don’t immediately come to mind. Why would they? You haven’t bought as many robots as you have CNC machines.

That is why working with the right robot company from the start is so important. More than expertise, it is about knowing your business as well as you do.

We were a machine shop before we were a robot company. More than fifteen years ago, when we knew we needed a robot to run the CNC machines so we could be competitive, we looked for a CNC robot.

No one made them. So we built our own. We started from scratch, out on the shop floor. We built it from the ground up.

More than fifteen years later, we still are a machine shop. At least now we know where to go to get a new robot!

We understand you and your challenges because we’ve walked the same path. We understand your challenges because we have had them too. We’ve dealt with orders and machine shop math. We’ve dealt with inflationary wage pressures. We’ve dealt with iffy supply chain disruptions and staffing issues.

We have shared experiences.

When we assist you through your buying process, we ask questions every step of the way. Those questions come from the depth of our experience.

Those questions come from being a machine shop as much as they come from being a robotics company. Those questions come from more than fifteen years of progress and development with our robots and CNC machines. Those questions come from different market conditions.

We know that business is about trends. While you may be thinking about the current trend, we are too. But we are also thinking about past trends and where the market is headed, not just where it sits today.

We may challenge your assumptions and thinking because, in the end, we want what is right for your application. We challenge those assumptions because we’ve seen the result. We’ve seen our customers come away better educated and better for it.

We have spent more than a decade developing this robot, making it a mature product. You won’t get tweaks and updates every two weeks because we just had an epiphany. We have worked hard to make this robot remarkably flexible and consistent all at the same time.

Talk about flexibility. Take a look at a small portion of the pieces that our robots can handle. Look at the various sizes. We’ve created a robust system for handling this. Yet, it is easy to use and quick to adapt.

Streamfield image

You can change over to something completely different in twenty minutes. That includes giving the robot operating instructions, loading the parts table, and changing out the grippers.

We’ve designed our robots to handle a myriad of sizes and do it incredibly efficiently.

When someone wants the robot to do things we don’t do, like tending two machines at once, we are quick to have a candid conversation.

We explain the logistics and the implications of that approach. We discuss all aspects of that approach. We examine the advantages and disadvantages.

When we developed our robot, we could have built-in that capability. But, early on, we came to understand the concept's allure and the drawbacks reality. We explain all that.

We also explain that the price, cost, and cost of ownership are significantly less getting two of our robots than it is to go with one machine tends two CNC solutions. And we clearly demonstrate ROI differences.

In the end, everyone is free to make the decision that is right for them. We understand. After all, we are still a machine shop.

More importantly, we are in this for the long haul because we know you are too.

Ready to continue your CNC automation journey? Call us at 866-952-9020 and press 1 to start the conversation.

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