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Who We Help and How We Do It

Who We Help



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Mar 7, 2023

Are we the right company to help you with your CNC automation? This blog post explains who we help and how we do it. If you see yourself in these descriptions, we may be able to help your machine shop too.

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Key Takeaway: We can’t help everyone. We’ve laid out who we help and how we do it. If your machine shop fits the descriptions below, you can benefit from working with us.

The Fusion OEM/RoboJob-USA alliance helps North American Machine Shops gain control over production and costs so they can thrive in their market segment.

We provide purpose-built CNC machine tending robots to automate your CNC processes. This gives you control over production capabilities and costs.

We can update your CNC machine so it is robot ready. Then we install the robot and train your staff. We position your machine shop for operational and financial success.

Our clients include machine shops where removing metal is a part of their CNC process. Our ideal client is listed below.

Machine shops seek our expertise when they are:

  • Trying to respond faster to production requests for customers.
  • Having production gaps caused by labor shortages or an unreliable labor supply.
  • Working to control production to meet customer expectations.
  • Unable to control costs in ways that can positively impact their bottom line.
  • Missing a competitive advantage to help them stand out in their market.
  • Struggling with an outdated hiring process that doesn’t attract or retain top talent.

How we help solve those problems

We implement our services within an intentionally designed and chronological, four-step framework, as follows:

  1. Scope: Strategy and tactical plan to get from your current production approach to having the right robot in place, running jobs and producing parts.
  2. Getting Your CNC Robot Ready: We help you determine what your CNC needs to get it “robot ready.” You have choices. You can take that on yourself, or we can do it for you. Either way, we need to have everything in place to ensure that step three is flawless.
  3. Implementation and Training: We deliver on a Monday, and by Friday, you are running jobs and making parts. We set aside the entire day on Friday to train your team. In most cases, our customers take less than a half day of training and then run jobs independently. We take you from human hands to robotic grippers in just 5 days.
  4. Post-Sale Support: Once we’ve trained your staff and you are independently running jobs, we are still available via email, phone, or an onsite visit. There are very few issues once you are up and running, but in the unlikely event that you need us, we are there for you.

Our ideal client

If you don’t check all the boxes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you. But a majority of the following ring true in our most successful client engagements.

Our best-fit clients…

  • Are North American machine shops with at least one CNC machine.
  • Are comprised of individuals who collectively possess deep expertise in their lines of business. That means they understand the machine shop universe very well and have a strong grasp of customer needs.
  • Sell parts to manufacturers or are owned by a manufacturer to whom they supply parts.
  • Want to align their production processes to be faster, more efficient, and more responsive to your customers.
  • Are interested in long-term strategy (not quick, cheap fixes) for growing your top and bottom lines? You’re our ideal-fit customers.
  • This is important. You will have the robot in place for 15 years or more. Your commitment to mitigating issues before installation is imperative.
  • Prepare to commit the time and attention of their Executive and Production teams. This applies before and after the sale. Bringing the production teams in early in the process has proven to be an important element of success.

RoboJob has more than 1,400 robot installations worldwide. Those robots are spread over more than 400 customers in over 500 locations.

We’ve been through this enough to fully understand what it takes to be successful as a machine shop with robots.

More than fifteen years ago, RoboJob started as a machine shop trying to be competitive in a market that was awash with competition from machine shops in low-cost countries.

We realized we needed a huge paradigm shift to recover some of the competitive losses. It became clear that a robot tending the CNC machines would be that shift. The challenge was simple. No one was making purpose-built, machine-tending robots. So we made them ourselves.

Part of what sets us apart from the rest of the robot companies is experience. We’ve been at this longer, which has given us an edge in eliminating the need to program the robot.

You can enter work instructions into the robot in less than five minutes. The software shows you how to place the pegs to optimize the number of parts. You become a parts layout expert in minutes.

The worktable has a patented approach to the pegs used to lay out the work. That worktable also holds more parts than any other robot table on the market. That gives you the advantage of running more parts per job.

If you are running lights out manufacturing, you can set the robot to notify you when the job is complete. It can also notify you if there is a problem, such as a broken cutting tool or the dimensions no longer meet specifications.

More than fifteen years of experience have given us the edge in creating a very simple yet highly effective robot that positively impacts many aspects of your machine shop.

We can also help with best practices for robot implementation so you make the change as smoothly as possible.

To start your journey to CNC automation, call us at 866-952-9020 and then press 1 to start the conversation.

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