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HWR Vise Loading

With the HWR vise loading module, you can get even more out of your Mill-Assist. It's now possible to automatically load and unload HWR SOLIDGrip vises on your CNC milling machine. With one automation, you can now load both workpieces and vises.

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Load HWR vises in a milling machine

HWR is the specialist supplier of vises used to manually clamp workpieces - often with irregular shapes, such as castings. These are then placed on a special vise holder in the milling machine, where the piece can then be machined in that vise.

The Mill-Assist has now been extended with new hardware and software to enable the automated loading and unloading of such vises. As a result, the Mill-Assist can be used for both workpiece loading and vise loading. Vise loading is currently limited to 2 types of HWR vises.

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This simple, but extremely useful extension further completes your Mill-Assist automation.

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Extended hardware

The Mill-Assist is now extended with additional hardware such as a vise holder in which the vises can be positioned as well as separate gripper interfaces that can be fastened onto the vises. An exchangeable HWR-vise gripper handles both the large and small vises. The CNC milling machine will be expanded by positioning a SOLIDPoint zero clamping system inside.

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Greater flexibility

The Mill-Assist now has greater flexibility to handle both workpieces as well as HWR vises. Different jobs can be run in full automatic mode. The workpieces can be clamped in the SOLIDGrip 46 and SOLIDGrip 77 vises. The first one can hold workpieces up to 50 x 50 x 50 mm, whereas the latter can hold workpieces up to 80 x 80 x 80 mm.

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User-friendly software

This module comes with its own user-friendly software that allows for a quick and easy set-up with the aid of 3D visualization.

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