Immediately finish pieces along all sides

Revolving unit

With the revolving unit, RoboJob USA gives you the opportunity to immediately finish the items along all sides.

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Innovative solutions

Machine your parts on all sides

This innovative, but simple solution consists of a revolving unit on which the robot will place the workpiece after the first machining has been carried out. Owing to the inclined configuration, the workpiece will automatically and always be properly aligned before the robot grabs it on the other side and positions it in the CNC machine in order that the second machining can take place. Simple, efficient and extremely accurate!

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Thanks to RoboJob USA's revolving unit, you can machine your workpieces on all sides.

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High-quality design

The revolving unit is positioned at the top corner of the table. With the revolving unit you can continue working as you are used to. The revolving unit is positioned in such a way that the natural operation of the operator is not disturbed, and the view on your CNC machine and on your RoboJob automation is not obstructed.

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Higher output

The revolving unit ensures that your output can be increased further. Your robot can now turn the workpiece itself. This way all sides are processed in a single operation command, and the machine can even remain working independently for longer. It is thus easier, faster and the machine's output is further increased. Moreover you can easily configure pre- and post processing. If you want to deburr a workpiece, wash it or provide it with a serial number, you indicate this in the software.

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Your customized automation

You can further expand your automation in relation to your needs and your assignments. This allows you to spread your investments over time, and when purchasing your RoboJob solution, you do not yet need to determine what this will eventually look like.

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